Flash of the past

Dashambe remembers something unpleasant.

—…An' dis be 'ow I offed di mutt, an' got dat hoof —. Thus concluded Dashambe's narration. The peons, though, did not feel satisfied with this ending, as it left many parts untold. Namely, an orc's head.

—But, how did you kill that warlock? —asked Brawny.

—Yeah, don't skip the best part! —demanded Scrawny, standing up in excitation.

Dashambe had then a memory, a confusing flash about a blow and a horrible pain, followed by… nothing. “I… can't remember”, he answered trembling.

—Can't remember? —complained Scrawny— Heads don't get ripped by themselves!

Said I can't remember, 'kay? —yelled Dashambe. The flash had left him unrestful and shaking. He realized he was feeling like running away… from what?

Brawny put himself between Dashambe and Scrawny. “There's still some way to the Den —he said, trying to calm down the suddenly aggressive troll—. Let's sleep, right?

Everyone went to sleep, but the memories that were not more than fleeting shadows did not let Dashambe sleep.