She shook me all night long

Dashambe shares impressions with Canaga.

The sun had just set when Dashambe arrived at the Den. As he had said, Canaga was waiting for him sitting on his mat, smoking from his hookah. Still shaken by the experience, Dashambe sat by his side.

—Ohoho —commented Canaga, seeing Dashambe's pensive countenance—, I see Earth shook you a bit!

—Was it the same for you? —asked Dashambe calmly— Did it shake you good?

—I couldn't say. Does it matter?

Dashambe just assented. It really was not that important.

—Now I'll teach you how to make jujus. You'll find it useful.

—No —replied Dashambe, with a gesture—. Whatever I gotta learn, I gotta learn it by myself.

—As you want —said Canaga, disappointed—. Not a good idea, though.

Seek other spirits to widen your knowledge. Don't limit yourself to Earth”, he concluded.

—Will do —asserted Dashambe, stretching—. Time to sleep!